Class Resources & Media
Creation Myths
Chinese Creation Myth
Iriquois - Words of the World
Zulu Creation Myth

The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe
Annabelle Lee by Edgar Allen Poe
Edgar Allen Poe Full Biography
Fall of the House of Usher - Animated
The Cask of Amontillado short film

Malcolm X
Malcolm X PBS Documentary
Malcolm X: Who Taught You To Hate speech


To Kill a Mockingbird

Obama quotes Atticus




Easy Essay Writing Formula (boring but good)
The Writing Process (boring but helpful)
Curious Case of Benjamin Button PDF
Maya Angelou Bio Winter Dreams PDF
Aparthied Explanation What is Rhetoric - Purdue OWL The Great Gatsby PDF
Columbus and his Legacy What is Rhetoric Cartoon - Very Basic The Great Gatsby Audiobook
The Mayflower Song Old Spice Commercial Rhetorical Analysis The Crucible Act 2
The Triangle Trade 10 Problems Facing Public Schools How to Make a Study Guide - Wiki
Atlantic Slave Trade Waiting for Superman Follow-up The Purpose of a Study Guide - USC
Journey to Slavery - First 55 minutes Monty Python - Logic Clinic Do you use study Guides - NY Times
Genesis Summary Symbolism in The Great Gatsby To Kill a Mockingbird Audiobook
American Literature Time Periods and Movements Justifications for Slavery Obama's Visit to Cape Coast Castle
The Salem Witch Trial - History Channel The Declaration of Independence (read by actors) What is an American?
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Audiobook Emerson Introduction We No Speak Americano
To Kill a Mockingbird PDF McDougal Littell Audio The Devil and Tom Walker Student Film

9th Grade

Animal Farm Intro I Survived the Holocaust Edgar Allen Poe Biography
Animal Farm Thug Notes Intro Night Audiobook  
Lost Plane Crash Night PDF Ernest Hemingway, Wrestling With Life
William Golding Biography Oprah at Auschwitz Part 1 The Old Man and the Sea PDF
Alive Plane Crash Ex-Nazi asks for 'forgiveness' The Old Man and the Sea Animated
Lord of the Flies Playdough Auschwitz Guards Testimony  
Lord of the Flies (1990) Full Inspiration for Rosie the Riveter Dies  
A National Disgrace: Public Education Pregnant at Auschwitz  
The Sniper short film 2015

Manzanar Introduction

  Manzanar: PBS Manzanar Moden Tour

AP English Language and Composition

Why are there so few women in science? NY Times AP Multiple Choice Tutorial
The Declaration of Independence Ernest Hemingway Bio AP Argument Essay Review
Ben Franklin Bio Snows of Kilimanjaro info  
Ben Franklin Bio - Ernest Hemingway Suicide The Cask of Amontillado PDF
Jefferson and The Declaration of Independence The Catcher in the Rye Annabelle Lee
Closer Reading of the DoC Walden Summary and Analysis SOTU as a Wes Anderson Film
The Declaration of Independence Audio The Importance of Walden What is the State of the Union?
The Science of Persuasion Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Speak so that People will Listen
DoC 2 What is an American?  
Poor Richard's Aphorisms MICHEL-GUILLAUME DE CRÈVECOEUR Smarter Balance Blueprint



How to Write a Movie Script    
Production Shooting Mistakes    
How to make a short film    


Groundhog Day