Classroom Expectations


• Be open to the course, its texts and materials, and its points of view.

• Respect your teachers and your classmates.

• Keep Your Hands to Yourself

• No Yelling. Students are responsible for keeping a reasonable volume in the classroom.

• One Person Out at a Time

• No eating or drinking, buying or selling food products, or use of electronics such as personal communication
devices or portable media players unless for instructional use; such will be dealt with per school rules.

• No chewing gum

• No Electronic Devices

• No Brushing/Combing hair

• Be on time

• Do not show up without supplies (Books, paper, writing utensils, etc.).
Students must bring their books and supplies to every class period—they may receive credit for having them,
yet they may be penalized for not having them. They will not be excused from the classroom to retrieve them.

• Students should always be asking "why am I learning this?" It is Mr. McCluskey's responsibility
to answer. If he cannot answer, students do not have to do the assignment. Please ask early and often.