UNIT 1 Grade 11

Genesis 1 World Creation

Genesis 3 Adam and Eve

Genesis 4 Cain and Abel


The World on the Turtle's Back
1. How did the Animals help the woman who fell from the sky?
2. What are the differences between the twins?
3. What was the outcome of the duels between the twins?
4. What are your thoughts about this creation myth?
5. What caused various things in the world to come into being? Discuss the cause and effect you found most interesting.
6. What are the most important things you learned about the values and way of life of the Iroquois from reading this myth? (Think about their attitude towards nature, their view of the gods, important foods, rituals and games; and the roles of men and women)
7. Why do you think the Iroquois honor both the left-handed twin and the right-handed twin?
8. How does this Iroquois creation myth compare with the other accounts of creation that you discussed earlier?
9. How would you relate the left-handed and right-handed twins to your own concept of good and evil?

The Coyote Stories








The Coyote Stories
1. What do you think? What did you feel was most memorable about
“Fox and Coyote and Whale?”
2. Why do Fox and Coyote go to the world of the Water people?
3. What caused the powerful force of Kettle Falls, according to the story ?
4. Why don’t whales live in fresh waters, according to the story?
5. What might be Okanogan storytellers’ purpose for telling this story?
6. Share details about Okanogan culture that you recorded in your readers notebook people and their way of life?
- their values, attitudes, and beliefs
- geographical features of their area
- the ways they adapt to their environment
7. Do you view Coyote as admirable? Explain why or why not.
8. What do these Coyote stories have in common with other folk tales you know?
9. Some Native Americans have argued that stories about the Animal People constitute "the first history of America." Do you agree? Support your opinion.


The Way to Rainy Mountain



The Way to Rainy Mountain
1. What do you think? What are impressions of Momaday’s grandmother Aho? Describe her in a few words or phrases 
       Comprehension check 
2. Why does Momaday return to Rainy Mountain?
3. What two natural phenomena does the kiowa story about the seven sisters and their brother explain?
4. Why did the Kiowa stop holding the annual sun dance ritual 
5 . How would you characterize   Momaday’s relationship with his grandmother? 
6. What are some things you learned about the Kiowa from this selection? 
-  Important events in their history
- Their beliefs, traditions, and customs 
- Their origin myth 
- The story about the seven sisters and their brother 
- The personal habits of Momaday’s grandmother 
7. What do you think is the most important insight that Momaday gains during his pilgrimage from yellow stone to his grandmothers grave at rainy mountain? Explain your response 
8. A symbol is a person, place, or object that has a concrete meaning in itself and also stands for something beyond itself, such as an idea or a feeling. What might the cricket mentioned at the end of this selection symbolize to Momaday 
9. Connect to life Momaday values his close relationship with his grandmother. Discuss what young people today can learn or gain from older relatives giving examples from your own or others’ experience. 


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