How do the citizens of Panem act differently because they are being watched?

English 9

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Daily Paragraphs

January 2019
Date Assignment / Activity Date Assignment / Activity
January 7 Course IntroductionJanuary 18 UTLA Strike
January 8 Book Room and Book Distribution January 22 UTLA Strike
January 9 The Hunger Games January 23 UTLA Strike
January 10 The Hunger Games January 24 The Hunger Games
January 11 The Hunger Games January 25 The Hunger Games
January 14 UTLA Strike January 28 The Hunger Games Ch. 4
January 15 UTLA Strike January 29 The Hunger Games Ch. 5
January 16 UTLA Strike January 30 The Hunger Games
January 17 UTLA Strike January 31 The Hunger Games Ch. 6

Qualities of a Dystopia

1. Define totalitarian government.

2. Give four examples and explain how Panem is a totalitarian government. Be specific.

3. How does the government of Panem pressure people to conform? Explain your answer covering at least 3 examples.

4. What do the people of Panem have to conform to doing? Explain your answer covering at least three examples.

February 2019

Date Assignment / Activity Date Assignment / Activity
February 1 The Hunger Games February 14  
February 4 The Hunger Games Ch. 7 February 15  
February 5 The Hunger Games, Vocabulary February 19 The Hunger Games
February 6 The Hunger Games Ch. 8 February 20 The Hunger Games
February 7 The Hunger Games February 21 The Hunger Games
February 8 Utopia vs Dystopia February 22 The Hunger Games
February 9 Dystopic North Korea February 25 The Hunger Games
February 11 Dystopic North Korea February 26 The Hunger Games
February 12 The Hunger Games Ch. 9 February 27 The Hunger Games
February 13 The Hunger Games Ch. 10 February 28 The Hunger Games

Deadline for late work for 10 Week Report Card: March 12, 2019 at 3pm

March 2019

Date   Date Assignment / Activity
March 3 Children at War March 14  
March 4 Education in Afghanistan March 15  
March 5 Dystopia Group Inquiry March 18  
March 6   March 19  
March 7   March 20  
March 8 Fake due date, Peer Editing Workshop March 21  
March 11   March 22  
March 12   March 23  
    March 24  
March 13   March 25  

Lord of the Flies Essay Choices
1. Describe some of the ways the vision of a human "at once heroic and sick" (Chapter 6) is represented in the novel. Does Golding prescribe a remedy for the "sickness"?
2. The most important themes in literature are sometimes developed in scenes in which a death or deaths take place. Considering the different deaths that occur in Lord of the Flies, write a well organized essay in which you show how three of the novel’s key deaths help to illuminate the meaning of the work as a whole.

Essay Due Thursday, March 22 at the beginning of class

April 2019

Date Assignment / Activity Date Assignment / Activity
April 2   April 16  
April 3   April 17  
April 4   April 18  
April 5   April 22  
April 8   April 23  
April 9   April 24  
April 10   April 25  
April 11   April 26  
April 12   April 29  
April 15   April 30  

Essay Topics

1. There are quotes from the novel that are significant and poignant. Explain the relevancy of the following quotes:
a. “…Never shall I forget those moments that murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to ashes…”  (pg 34)
b. Explain the author’s meaning when he says after the handing of the youth from Warsaw that "the soup tasted better than ever," (63) yet after the pipel was hanged, "the soup tasted of corpses"(65).
c. “I have more faith in Hitler than in anyone else. He alone has kept his promises, all his promises, to the Jewish people” (81).

NOTE: Different publications may have different page numbers. It is the responsibility of the students to locate the quotations.


2. Dehumanization is the process by which the Nazis gradually reduced the Jews to little more than "things" which were a nuisance to them. Discuss at least three specific examples of events that occurred which dehumanized Eliezer, his father, or his fellow Jews.

May 2019
Date Assignment / Activity Date Assignment / Activity
May 1   May 16  
May 2   May 17  
May 3   May 20  
May 6   May 21  
May 7   May 22  
May 8   May 23  
May 9   May 24  
May 10   May 28  
May 13   May 29  
May 14   May 30  
May 15   May 31  

June 2019

Date Assignment / Activity Date Assignment / Activity
June 3   June 6 Finals
June 4   June 7 Finals
June 5   June 10...



August 2018

Date Assignment / Activity Date Assignment / Activity
August 20 Class Contract August 27 A Quilt of a Country
August 21 Baseline Reading Assesment August 28 A Quilt of a Country
August 22 Importance of Communication Discussion August 29 The Immigrant Contribution by John F. Kennedy
August 23 Paragraph Construction and Writing Expectations August 30 The Immigrant Contribution
August 24 Common Reading and Writing Mistakes and Tips to Avoiding Them August 31 Introduction to Cornell Notes

September 2018

Date Assignment / Activity Date Assignment / Activity
September 4 Cornell Notes September 18 The Necklace
September 5 Cornell Notes September 20 The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connel
September 6   September 21 The Most Dangerous Game
September 7   September 24 Two Kinds by Amy Tan
September 11 September 11 Discussion and Daily Paragraph Introduction September 25 Two Kinds, Introduction to Vocabulary
September 12   September 26 Vocabulary expectations and application
September 13   September 27 Rules of the Game by Amy Tan
September 14 Introduction to the Short Story September 28 Rules of the Game
September 17 The Necklace  

The Necklace PDF

The Most Dangerous Game PDF

Two Kinds PDF

October 2018

Date Assignment / Activity Date Assignment / Activity
October 1 LMU Upward Bound Presentation, Vocabulary Quiz #1 October 17  
October 2 Daily Paragraph, Vocabulary #2 October 18  
October 3 Introduction to Annotations October 19  
October 4 Annotations and there application outside this class October 22  
October 5 Annotations October 23 Vocabulary
October 8   October 24 The Sniper
October 9   October 25 The Sniper
October 10 PSAT October 26 The Sniper translated onto the stage
October 11 Vocabulary October 29 The Sniper Readers Theatre
October 12   October 30 The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe
October 15   October 31 The Cask of Amontillado, The Raven

Essay - a piece of writing that gives an opinion. This is NOT a report, research paper or article. It is what one might read in the editorial section of a newspaper.

Thesis - a sentence with a subject and an opinion provides the controlling idea for the whole essay. Thesis is often the last sentence of introductory paragraph.

Concrete Detail - textual evidence, either explicit or implicit. Facts that support your opinion as stated in your thesis. Synonyms include quotes, paraphrased ideas, summary, data, charts or examples.

November 2018

Date Assignment / Activity Date Assignment / Activity
November 1 Introduction to John Stienbeck November 14 Of Mice and Men
November 2 Of Mice and Men Ch. 1 November 15 Of Mice and Men
November 3 The Plight of the Migrant Worker November 16 Of Mice and Men
November 5 Of Mice and Men November 26 Of Mice and Men
November 6 Of Mice and Men November 27 Of Mice and Men
November 7 CAASPP IAB November 28 Of Mice and Men Ch. 5
November 8 CAASPP IAB November 29 Of Mice and Men
November 9 Of Mice and Men November 30 Of Mice and Men
November 13 Of Mice and Men  

1. Many characters in Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men are plagued by loneliness and alienation and are searching for friendship and acceptance. Write a response that explains how three of the characters are plagued by loneliness and alienation and are searching for friendship and acceptance.

2. Loneliness.  Many of the characters in Of Mice and Men seem lonely.  Why are various characters lonely, and how does it affect them?

(Hint: these topics are essentially the same but phrased differently)

- Use specific examples from the text. Support your claims.
- Write in 3rd person. No “I” or “you,” etc.
- Pay attention to sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.
- Type written and printed as hard copy
- 5 Paragraphs - Intro (with thesis statement), Support 1, Support 2, Support 3, Conclusion
- Go to for writing assistance

Final Essay Due Monday, December 10, 2018 at the begining of class!

December 2018

Date Assignment / Activity Date Assignment / Activity
December 3 Thesis Statement Workshop December 10 Final Draft Essay Due!
December 4 Thesis and Quotes Due, Body Paragraph Workshop December 11 Studyguide Construction
December 5 Body Paragraph First Draft Due December 12 Finals
December 6 Rough Draft Due December 13 Finals
December 7 Revisions and Editin Wrokshop December 14 Finals

LAST DAY TO TURN IN LATE WORK FOR FIRST SEMESTER: December 7th, 2018 at the begining of class


Chapter One
1. Why does Buttercup hate Katniss?
2. Why is District 12 surrounded by fences?
3. How is Katniss' mother different from other residents of the Seam?
4. What proof is given in this chapter that the Everdeen family is starving?
5. Why don't Gale and Katniss run away and live in the woods?
6. What is the Hob?
7. Describe the Reaping system. How is it unfair?
8. How many Reaping entries will Katniss have in her 16th year?
9. What are the Hunger Games?

Chapter Two
1. How does Katniss save Prim from the Reaping?
2. How did Kat's mother react to her husband's death?
3. What proof is given in this chapter that the Everdeen family is starving?
4. Describe Kat's only previous encounter with Peeta Mellark.