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Chapter Ten
1. Dally runs out “like the devil was after him” when he finds out Johnny is dead. According to Pony, why is Dally having so much trouble handling Johnny‘s death?
2. When Dally phones, what is his message?
3. According to Ponyboy, Johnny died gallant. What does he mean? What is different about the death of Dally?
4. The narrator writes, “And the ground rushed up to meet me very suddenly.” What really happened?
5. Why is Ponyboy worried about whether or not he asked for Darry while he was in the hospital?

Chapter Eleven
1. After Ponyboy studies the picture of Bob in the yearbook, what conclusions does he make about him?
2. What was Randy‘s purpose in visiting Pony? What was the outcome of their conversation?
3. Why do you think Ponyboy insists that he is the one who killed Bob and keeps saying that Johnny isn‘t dead?













1. What were the reasons that the various boy gave for fighting? 
2. Why did Dally take Ponyboy to see Johnny after the rumble? 
3. Think about yourself. Do you ever label someone as a hood, a scum, a nerd, a dork, because of the way someone is dressed or groomed? Have you been guilty of believing a stereotype and then found out later that the person just didn’t fit that perception? What does that tell you about first impressions? 
4. Do you agree or disagree with Ponyboy when he said that people usually go by looks so hoods will always be the bad guys and the clean shaven, neatly dressed kids will always be considered the good guys? Why? 
5. Who are the good guys and bad guys in The Outsiders? Explain. 
6. What are the two things Greasers have to be proud of? 
7. Why does Ponyboy feel he and his gang don’t belong with Tim Sheperd’s gang and the Brumley boys? 
8. What are the rules for the rumble? 
9. How does the fight end? 
10. Where do Ponyboy and Dally go after the rumble? 


1. Do you think hiding out was the best thing for Johnny and Ponyboy to do? Why or why not? 

2. Why did the boys cut their hair? Does the length of hair mean much to the boys? Is it important to you? To adults you know?

3. Do you think crying helped the boys or made them weaker? Why? 

4. Do you think Ponyboy and Johnny will ever be able to go home again? Why or why not? 

5. What is the one thing the Greasers are proud of?

6. How do Johnny and Ponyboy pass the time? 

7. Who comes to visit Johnny and Ponyboy? 

8. Where do the police think Johnny and Ponyboy have gone? 

9. Who is spying on the Socs for the Greasers? 


1. Why do you think Cherry chose to associate with – and later help – Johnny and Ponyboy? Is she a spy? 

2. Why do you think Johnny decided they should turn themselves in? 

3. Would you say Ponyboy and Johnny are heroes? Why or why not? 

4. When they are at Dairy Queen, what does Johnny tell Dally he is going to do? 

5. How have Johnny’s parents reacted to his running away? 

6. When is the only time Ponyboy can remember seeing Johnny without a defeated, suspicious look in his eyes? 

7. How does Dally get burned?

8. How does Johnny get hurt? 

9. What does Darry do when he sees Ponyboy in the hospital? 

10. At the hospital Ponyboy realizes that Darry really cares for him. Why has Darry been so hard on Ponyboy in the past? 



Describe the following:
the Oracle

1. Why is Okonkwo’s defeat of Amalinze the Cat such a great achievement?
2. Describe Okonkwo.
3. What does Unoka do with his money?
4. What is the harmattan?
5. Why does Unoka sing to the kites?
6. Why does Unoka enjoy playing music for the egwugwu, or the masqueraders who impersonate the ancestral spirits of the village?
7. What is the meaning of the proverb “He who brings kola brings life”? (p. 5)
8. Why is Okonkwo ashamed of his father, Unoka?
9. Compare Okonkwo with his father.
10. Why is Ikemefuna offered to the village of Umuofia?

Ch. 2

1. How does Okonkwo display his fierce and warlike nature at important occasions in the village?
2. Why is Ikemefuna selected by the people of Mbaino to serve as the peace sacrifice for Umuofia?
3. Okonkwo is very strong and rarely feels tired. How would you describe Okonkwo’s three wives and children?
4. Why is Nwoye developing into a sad-faced youth?
5. Which one of Okonkwo’s wives is the most afraid of him and why?
6. Why is Okonkwo so strict swith his family?
7. Why is Okonkwo asked to become Ikemefuna’s guardian?

Ch. 3
1. Why is Nwakibie considered a successful man in Igbo society?”
2. What is the meaning of the proverb “A toad does not run in the daytime for nothing”? (p. 15)
3. Why does Okonkwo laugh uneasily at the story of Obiako and the oracle?
4. Why is sharecropping a slow way to build up a barn?
5. Give two examples of how Okonkwo tries to save his yams during the drought.
6. What does Okonkwo learn through the drought and poor harvest?

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Ch. 2 Audio

Things Fall Apart Characters

Things Fall Apart Vocabulary

1. prowess
2. mirth
3. incapable
4. achievement
5. incredible
6. proverb
7. spectators
8. coward
9. severe
10. revered

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ELD Questions:

Chapter 2:
1. Where do the Socs and Greasers hand out? What do they do for fun? 
2. How do the Greasers learn more about the Socs? 
3. How could Cherry be a problem for Dally? 
4. Why do you think Johnny spoke up to Dally?
5. Why didn’t Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally pay to get into the drive-in movie? 
6. What did Cherry do when Dally brought her a Coke?

Chapter 3:
1. Why do you think Ponyboy and Cherry become good friends? 
2. Why did Cherry and Marcia leave their dates?
3. Why do you think Ponyboy and Cherry told each other things they had never told anyone else before? 
4. Do you agree with Johnny that having friends care for you is not the same as having your own folks care about you? Why or why not? 
5. What did Cherry say was the main difference between the Socs and the Greasers? 

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