Daily Paragraph

Daily Paragraph #1
http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/pearl-harbor/videos &
http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/world-war-ii-history/videos/uss-arizona-under-attack-at-pearl-harbor &
http://www.history.com/topics/9-11-attacks &
What happened on September 11, 2001? Explain the events of that morning. Who was responsible for the attacks? What effect did these attacks have on our country?

Daily Paragraph #2
Using your annotations, summarize the Declaration of Independence. Choose the three most surprising or interesting reasons that Thomas Jefferson uses to describe why the colonies need to separate from England (one sentence each). Is there a current day equivalent that would give a state justification for leaving the United States of America the way that the Colonies separated from England?

Daily Paragraph #3
Who was Benjamin Franklin? What did Benjamin Franklin do? Summarize the letter he wrote to a younger friend. Summarize his address in Brussels. What do you find most surprising about this Founding Father?


Daily Paragraph #4
What is your initial impression of Equiano Olaudah? Describe the different phases of his journey from his village all the way to Barbados. Describe the conditions on the slave ship. Describe what a 'Nominal Christian is.' What is one thing you learned about slavery through this account?

Daily Paragraph #5
What is your initial of these studying tips? According to the video, what is an excellent memory reinforcement tool? Why is staying up too late a flawed study plan? Do you think you would do better if you were told that you had to take a test on something or if you were told you would have to teach it to others? Why? How should you prepare to study (hint: what should you have with you, where should it be and when should it be)? What should you do with your phone when you are sitting down to study?

Daily Paragraph #6
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyHqafC740Q&edufilter=zGUy2baYqkDZkZN3MS9B7Q &
What is your initial impression of Maya Angelou's life? What did you know about her before you watched this video? What did you learn about her from this video? What do you think are the most impressive parts of her life? What do you think Maya Angelou meant when she said, "when you know better, you do better?" Is there anything you would like to do to stand out like Maya Angelou?

Daily Paragraph #7
What is your initial impression of this video? Did the woman have any right to do what she did? Did the man make good descisions? Explain. Do you think you would be able to stay calm in that situation? If he did not stay calm, would the lady still seem so foolish? Explain.

Grading Rubric
1 point
Assignment has been completed in a thoughtful and sophisticated manner.
1/2 point
Question has not been fully answered, only partially addressed or not long enough to convey a complete answer.
0 points
Question has not been answered, answer demonstrates little or no thought and effort is minimal.

Any questions or concerns should be discussed with Mr. McCluskey no later than three class meetings after assignment has been returned to students.
Mr. McCluskey wants you to earn the most possible points and wants you to ask questions about why points may have been deducted.